Celebrating 100 years of PAGB

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There was concern among responsible manufacturers that unscrupulous and dishonest companies were undermining the industry and they decided to act to put in place measures to protect the public and maintain a positive environment for the honest manufacturers to flourish.

The original aims of the Association focused on advertising, but also expanded into legislation, exports and public health.

A hundred years later, the medicines landscape has changed beyond recognition; new advertising methods and media have emerged and continue to be developed as companies embrace new technology. PAGB’s founding Members would find today’s world a very different place, but the founding principles of the Association of Manufacturers of Proprietary Medicines continue to guide PAGB’s work in 2019.

PAGB Associate Member, Bray Leino, made this fantastic video about PAGB’s impact over 100 years, which we showed at our centenary gala event on 17 June 2019.

100 years of self-regulation

100 years of self-regulation

PAGB's advertising rules became the world's first self-regulatory advertising code in 1936. In our centenary year, 2019 we introduced a new Medical Devices Consumer Code and revised the Consumer ...

100 years of consumer healthcare

15 founding member companies joined PAGB in 1919. Today, PAGB Members manufacture 48 of the top 50 OTC brands.

100 years of supporting our members

PAGB continues to support its Members to promote self care, increase access to medicines and maintain confidence in consumer ...

100 years of self care

About PAGB

PAGB, the consumer healthcare association, represents the manufacturers of branded OTC medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements in the UK. These are the types of products that help you to self care when you’re feeling unwell but you don’t need to see a doctor. In fact, many minor conditions can be treated very successfully through informed use of OTC medicines and with the support of a pharmacist who can advise people about the best way to manage their symptoms.