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What is Digital Week?

Following an extensive programme of work on the impact of digital developments on the consumer healthcare industry, PAGB hosted Digital Week – an online interactive conference, taking place throughout the week of 5 – 9 July 2021.

We explored five key digital themes across five days. Click on the themes to view individual theme programmes.


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Digital Week advertising and social media sessions

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Theme sponsored by Team Eleven

Social media advertising workshop


A preview of PAGB’s newly developed social media advertising workshop.

The session includes:

  • Clearly identifying ads
  • Fulfilling EI and NHCR requirements
  • Celebrities and influencers
  • Working with HCPs
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Interacting with consumers

Learn how to apply PAGB’s Codes and Guidelines to social media for OTC medicines, medical devices and food supplements.
The training has been developed based on PAGB’s recently updated positions and includes new examples.


Laura Kelly, Senior Advertising Policy and Operations Manager, PAGB
Florence Thompson, Advertising Compliance Executive, PAGB



Keeping the conversation going: Engaging with consumers online


How can consumer healthcare brands engage with consumers in a meaningful way whilst ensuring messaging is compliant and safe?

Representatives from brands and agencies will share their views on the opportunities and challenges of interacting with consumers online.

Get expert tips on working with user generated content, managing online presence and social media, how to get eyes on your content and more.


Laura Kelly, Senior Advertising Policy and Operations Manager, PAGB
Ben Moss, Partner, Dirt & Glory Media
Adriana Shilton, Bazaarvoice
Angela Jones, Brand Manager Consumer OTC , Galderma UK


Delivering business impact for medical device brands through social media and influencers


Social media and influencer marketing looks daunting given the regulatory challenges but we share lessons and actionable insight on how to set up your social media and influencer programmes for success.

Working within parameters of what may seem restrictive guidelines we share through our recent experiences how you can plan, involve stakeholders and execute a class-leading programme that delivers impact.


Nicholas Gill, Founder, Strategy Partner, Team Eleven



Ticket options


For enquiries about accessing the Digital Week content, post-conference, email

PAGB member discounted price (excluding VAT)Full price (excluding VAT)
Single theme (E-commerce; Real world Evidence/ real world data; Apps and medical devices; Self care)£150 + VAT at 20%£300 + VAT at 20%
Single theme (advertising and social media*)£200 + VAT at 20%£400 + VAT at 20%
Weekly pass£600 + VAT at 20%£1200 + VAT at 20%

*this day includes a NEW 3 hour workshop on advertising consumer healthcare products on social media


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