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What is Digital Week?

Following an extensive programme of work on the impact of digital developments on the consumer healthcare industry, PAGB hosted Digital Week – an online interactive conference, taking place throughout the week of 5 – 9 July 2021.

We explored five key digital themes across five days. Click on the themes to view individual theme programmes.


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Digital Week apps and medical devices sessions

Thursday 8 July 2021

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Healthcare software apps: challenges, opportunities and considerations when launching an app


Healthcare apps and standalone software are widely used by consumers and healthcare professionals. This webinar explored the different opportunities available to consumer healthcare brands and highlights the common grey areas and considerations.

We help you understand when an app could be a medical device; and explain the regulatory and advertising requirements you need to consider.

Leading OTC company Johnson & Johnson shares its experience of developing self care apps and lessons learnt along the way.


Christina Gkouva, Acting Senior Regulatory Manager, PAGB
Julie Sutherland, Marketing Director Global Smoking Cessation Franchise, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health



Harnessing digital opportunities: the industry perspective


What role will apps play in the future of self care?

In this session wel look beyond ‘traditional’ software applications to explore the potential opportunities for brands.

Our speakers share their experience of developing apps that bring medical knowledge into everyday life, enable people to test at their convenience and help manage their health conditions.

Host: Christina Gkouva, Acting Senior Regulatory Manager, PAGB

Katherine Ward, Chief Commercial Officer, General Manager UK and Europe,
Matteo Berlucchi, CEO and co-founder, Healthily



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