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What is Digital Week?

Following an extensive programme of work on the impact of digital developments on the consumer healthcare industry, PAGB hosted Digital Week – an online interactive conference, taking place throughout the week of 5 – 9 July 2021.

We explored five key digital themes across five days. Click on the themes to view individual theme programmes.

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Digital Week E-commerce sessions

Monday 5 July 2021

Theme sponsored by Precision Marketing Group

 How digital is helping shape the future of healthcare


OPENING PLENARY with keynote speaker from Google.  This session is open to ALL theme and full week ticket holders.


Our keynote speakers share how Google is helping to shape the future of healthcare, a key part of its mission ‘to improve healthcare for everyone’.

They address the question of how innovation in digital technology can be used today to support better health, and what we might expect to be able to do in the future.



Gerald Breatnach, Head of Strategic Insights, Google
Gizem Yapakci, Healthcare Industry Manager, Google
Neil Lister, Vice President International and Managing Director UK and Ireland, Perrigo Company plc; PAGB President



E-commerce: navigating your regulatory responsibilities


E-commerce is an essential part of a thriving consumer healthcare sector. Consumers are increasingly looking online for self care products but how do you ensure your online business is on the right side of medicines and advertising regulations?

In this e-commerce session we provide the answers to key questions such as:

  • What are the different models of eCommerce – are you using a 1P, 2P or 3P model on Amazon? How does that differ from utilising pharmacy online or your own website to sell? What are your responsibilities?
  • What parts of eCommerce does PAGB consider advertising, and what needs to be submitted for approval?
  • Can I sell cross border? If so what regulations do I need to follow?
  • Delivery and supply in eCommerce – who’s responsible and what do I need to know?

Gain an understanding of the regulations surrounding eCommerce and who is responsible for ensuring compliance. The guidance covers medicinal products, medical devices and food supplement sales on line!

Our panel includes the PAGB team and members who led development of new PAGB guidance on E-commerce.


Laura Kelly, Senior Advertising Policy and Operations Manager, PAGB
Michelle Riddalls, CEO, PAGB
Tony Orme, Expert GDP Inspector, MHRA
Lynda Scammell, Senior Policy Adviser on the Enforcement Group, MHRA
AnaMaria Boncu, Reckitt



So you know Amazon is crucial, but do you go seller or vendor?


We all know Amazon is a crucial part of our 2021 sales strategy, and we understand that we need to be placing our products in front of the majority of the online marketplace. But let’s be honest, it’s not easy.

One the one hand, Amazon Vendor is a nightmare to deal with. On the other hand, getting our Seller Strategy right isn’t easy either. So we end up stuck in the middle, confused and not sure which way to go.

The consequences?

  • Loss of sales
  • Loss of control
  • Proliferation in 3rd party sellers

Define your perfect Amazon Seller Strategy by finding the perfect Seller/Vendor Hybrid.

Find out how to make the most of Vendor, without the pain that comes with it. Understand the role that Seller can play alongside Vendor. Create a potent mix of the two, that maximises your Amazon presence, and boosts your sales.


Ash Shah, Managing Director, World Products
Oliver Duffy-Lee, Marketing Director, World Products
Sam Wandi, Operations Director, World Products



Click, click, buy!


How to increase margin and own the narrative through a direct to consumer and product to consumer strategy and use of the humble QR code.

eCommerce is constantly evolving, but with each evolution, a brand’s time online only becomes more valuable.

Our instantaneous, wonderfully convenient experiences with eStores are why we love them so much, and there’s no better or further reaching vehicle for these experiences than our smartphones; a vehicle with an uptake far greater than many imagine.

Bridging the physical and the digital – allowing the two to coexist – gives us the potential for so much more. QR Codes newfound popularity pushes aside the debate of how to use it, but instead, begs the question of how it can used best.

In the world of D2C eCommerce, the possibilities are phenomenal.

Host: Gary Howard, Chief Digital Officer, Precision Marketing Group

Speakers: Emma–Kate Barry & Ellis Heighes, Precision Marketing Group; David Mitchell, David Mitchell Healthcare Consulting Limited



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*this day includes a NEW 3 hour workshop on advertising consumer healthcare products on social media


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