Our commitment to the Global Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self Care


PAGB’s pledge

The consumer healthcare industry has launched its first global commitment to support environmental sustainability, while ensuring that health outcomes, product safety and access are front of mind.

PAGB is a signatory to the Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self Care and a member of the Global Self Care Federation’s Environment and Sustainability Working Group which developed the charter.

The charter commits the self care industry to driving environmentally sustainable self care. Companies and consumer healthcare associations have made their own pledges in support of the charter.

View PAGB’s pledge.


Add your support and make a pledge, plus view more pledges from across the world at selfcarefederation.org

Read more about the Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self Care from the Global Self Care Federation.

Read our media statement on the launch of the Charter.

PAGB’s environment and sustainability pledge

As the UK trade association representing manufacturers of branded over-the-counter medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements, PAGB is committed to supporting the UK consumer healthcare industry to drive environmentally sustainable self care. PAGB will support and encourage its member companies to make pledges in line with the Charter for Environmentally Sustainable Self Care.

We will share information and intelligence with our members and will work with them to develop industry-wide positions on relevant topics.

medicines packaging

Plastics and packaging

PAGB will continue to support members with the implementation of the UK Plastic Packaging Tax, the proposed Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme and other relevant national initiatives, developing industry-wide positions and responding to Government consultations.

More about plastics and packaging.

woman looking at medicines pack

Pharmaceuticals in the environment

PAGB will work to promote the importance of the pharmacy take-back scheme as the correct way to dispose of out-of-date or unused medicines in the UK.

A PAGB survey in 2021 found that 41% of people dispose of medicines with their general waste, 10% pour them down the sink and 10% flush them down the toilet. Only 36% currently return them to a pharmacy for safe disposal.


CO2 footprint

PAGB will work to reduce its own CO2 footprint by working with suppliers and updating our policies to minimise the use of energy, water and natural resources. We will minimise waste, through prevention, reuse, and recycling where possible.




More about Environment and Sustainability

PAGB members can sign up for regular intelligence updates on environment and sustainability issues, or view them in our online environment blog here. Not in membership? Contact membership@pagb.co.uk to find out more about joining PAGB, the consumer healthcare association. More about membership and eligibility here.