Self Care Week 2021


November 15, 2021 to November 21, 2021

all across the country

About Self Care Week

Organised by the Self Care Forum, Self Care Week is an annual awareness week that provides a focus for self care events and activities across the country. Health professionals, public health teams, schools, colleges and more get involved to promote the importance of self care for health.

Self Care Forum provides lots of resources to help organise and promote your activities. Visit the website to download logos, ideas and more.

Whether the aim is to help people self treat their common ailments, use antibiotics appropriately, self manage their long term conditions or generally live a healthier life, activities during Self Care Week can help to galvanise self care messages and raise awareness of how people can Self Care for Life.

For information and resources go to or email .

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How PAGB supported Self Care Week in 2020

PAGB joined health teams, companies and individuals across the country to promote self care messages and help people to ‘live self care for life’ during this year’s Self Care Week, which ran from 16-22 November.

We joined a self care twitterchat run by the Self Care Forum, and two more organised by @wenurses and @wepharmacists, where topics included the role of technology in supporting self care and the increasing recognition of pharmacists as key providers of self care advice and support.

PAGB colleagues also participated in team activities for Self Care Week, sharing our tips in this video, learning how to shadow box with our copy assessor and boxing enthusiast Franci, and taking part in a team walking challenge where collaboratively we clocked-up over 500,000 steps during the week.

In 2019, over one thousand groups including CCGs, local authorities, healthwatch groups, health teams, pharmacists, schools, community groups and more, took part in Self Care Week to promote the importance of choosing self care for life. 2021 looks set to be even bigger – we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

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