Self Care Week 2020

Published on: 1 October 2020


‘Live Self Care for Life’

Self Care Week 2020
16-20 November

Organised by the Self Care Forum, Self Care Week is an annual awareness week that provides a focus for self care events and activities across the country. It’s focus is on ’embedding support for self care across communities, families and generations.’


In advance of Self Care Week, PAGB published the findings of our digital self care audit. Find out more here.

We’ve put together some social media resources and key messages to support you in promoting self care and sharing the results and recommendations from PAGB’s digital self care audit.

PAGB and its members welcome the aims of self care week and the opportunities it creates to talk about self care in action.

Many thousands of people across the NHS and communities participate in Self Care Week each year, organising events to educate people about self care and promote its benefits to individuals and to the NHS. The Self Care Week awards recognise the extraordinary effort that goes into organising such campaigns, and the outstanding results that are achieved. Check out these case studies which include projects organised by last year’s winners.

The Self Care Forum provides ideas and resources to help you organise your own Self Care Week event. Visit their resources page and get inspired.

PAGB is participating in Self Care Week again this year. Keep an eye on our newsfeed for more. We’ll also be living self care through team activities to promote health and wellbeing during self care week itself.

Want to know more about PAGB’s views on self care, visit our self care policy page.