Smoking cessation

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Our policy work in this area focuses on identifying what elements of tobacco control policy should be prioritised by Government as it develops its next tobacco strategy, in particular to address variations in funding and support for Stop Smoking Services between different parts of the country, to set more ambitious targets for smoking cessation, and to provide greater clarity and consistency of messaging on the use of e-cigarettes to help people stop smoking.

Read PAGB’s policy briefing on reducing smoking related health inequalities.


Smoking Cessation Services in England: the widening divide between investment and ambition across England (PAGB, June 2019)

This report explores the relationship between smoking cessation spend and outcomes across England, and maps out core data on:

Our analysis of the data, mapped to local authority area, reveals persistent variation in smoking-related health outcomes across England and inconsistency in investment in smoking cessation services.

PAGB is calling for urgent action to bridge the divide between ambition and investment which is directly contributing to poor outcomes. The Government should reaffirm – through increased, evidence-based and ring-fenced funding – its commitment to addressing public health concerns and its aspirations to achieve a smoke-free England as set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the Tobacco Control Plan.


Our campaigns

‘Quit Wins’ roundtable

On 6 September 2016 PAGB convened a roundtable in Parliament entitled Quit Wins: a discussion on the next tobacco control plan.

The Quit Wins roundtable brought together commissioners, providers, charities and other experts in Stop Smoking Services, as well as parliamentarians to understand the key challenges that exist to making further reductions in smoking rates, and what can be done to overcome them.

Read the report of the discussion: 

‘Quit Wins’ 2018: delivering evidence-based smoking cessation services

A follow up meeting was held in  June 2018 to explore evidence-based smoking cessation services in light of tobacco control policy developments. The meeting was chaired by Bob Blackman MP and Sir Kevin Barron MP, and attended by stakeholders from across the tobacco control community, including commissioners, providers, charities and policymakers.

The objectives of the meeting were to:

Read the report of the meeting: Regulatory Resources


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‘Quit Wins’ Local Audit

PAGB carried out a comprehensive audit of the available data on smoking and stop smoking services in England. The audit was undertaken to assess current smoking rates, the success of different smoking cessation interventions and the sustainability of local smoking services.
The audit analysed data on:

Read the Quit Wins Local Audit: