PAGB Board and officers

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Representatives from PAGB member companies sit as directors of PAGB on our Board.

The Board meets four times a year to review PAGB’s work programme, decide PAGB strategy and discuss priority issues for the industry.

The officers of the Board are the President and Vice-Presidents. PAGB also has a Treasurer, who attends Board meetings but is not a member of the Board. There are currently 15 Board members from a mix of smaller and larger PAGB member companies.

Every year at our Annual General Meeting, PAGB members re-elect current Board members, including the President and Vice-President(s), or elect new Board members from nominations received.

PAGB Board President and Vice Presidents

Bas Vorsteveld

Bas Vorsteveld


Mike Knowland

Mike Knowland


Richard Holme

Richard Holme


PAGB Board members

Andrew Wilson

P&G Health

Andy Wines

Prestige Consumer Healthcare (UK) Ltd

Angeliki Kazantzidi


Annette D’Abreo

Ceuta Healthcare

Brian Fischel


Ceri Chard

Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Nick Linton


Nigel Stephenson

Thornton & Ross Ltd

Philip Lindsell

infirst Limited

Rachel Davies

G R Lane Health Products Ltd

Rob Elliott


Rob Yateman

The Mentholatum Company Limited

Ryan Ruscoe

Teva UK Limited

Don’t just take our word for it

“Working closely with PAGB has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the Cialis switch. Their guidance and expertise have helped us to navigate complex matters with MHRA.”

– Serenella Cascio, Sanofi

CEO updates

Quarterly updates from our CEO, Michelle Riddalls, including a summary of key outputs and decisions from recent Board meetings.

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PAGB General Meetings

Information about our general meetings, including agendas, minutes and papers to view and download.

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PAGB governance

The Board of Directors are responsible for PAGB’s governance, including Articles of Association and adhering to Competition Law.

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