PAGB works with Government, policy makers, NHS and regulators, as well as with our partners in the health and pharmacy sectors, to drive improvements in health policy regulation. We want to empower more people to self care for self-treatable conditions, reducing pressure on the NHS, and to create a healthy environment for our industry to continue to develop innovative and effective products.

As the trade association for the consumer healthcare industry, PAGB represents our members on working groups and in regular bilateral meetings with those leading policy on medicines and devices regulation, advertising and self care. We work closely with our members to develop an industry-wide position in response to consultations and to define our core policy priorities:

We publish PAGB responses to consultations and comment on policy matters on this page and on our news blog.


PAGB’s policy priorities

PAGB’s policy priorities set out our recommendations for EU Exit and for the development of self care policy. These priorities have been developed in collaboration with our members and form the basis of our public affairs and engagement work in Parliament and with wider stakeholders.

PAGB position – EU Exit

PAGB is working to ensure there continues to be effective proportionate medicines regulation following the UK’s exit from the EU.  On Day One our priority is for there to be no fewer over-the-counter products available in the UK and for those products to be no less safe than they are today. Read PAGB’s policy position on EU Exit.

More about EU Exit 

PAGB 2017 manifesto submission – self care

As demand for NHS services increases and financial pressures on the system grows, now – more than ever – is the time for the Government to provide leadership and coordination of self care policy through a national strategy. PAGB provided briefing to  the main political parties outlining the policy recommendations that we believe could achieve the necessary step-change in behaviour, and the savings that could be released by promoting and empowering more people to self care. Find out more about these savings in our reports: Self Care Nation and Five Examples of Waste.

Read PAGB’s 2017 manifesto submission (self care)


EU Exit

PAGB is working closely with UK regulators and policy makers throughout the EU Exit process to ensure the best possible future ...

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