Our values and our people

As a membership organisation and the expert voice of the consumer healthcare industry, we hold ourselves to high standards in how we treat colleagues and interact with those that work with us. We are a small team in numbers but are proud of our wide-ranging influence and the level of support we provide to our members. The following are the core values that we encourage our employees to follow:



We’re committed to working collaboratively, both within the PAGB team and when interacting with members and external stakeholders. Team members should actively share knowledge, learn from each other and work to achieve our shared goals.

Fun Fact

Each year we organise an overnight stay and spend a day training together to help build collaboration and work with each other. The past two years have focused on Insights training and learning how we can achieve the best from each other within our team.


Ownership and accountability

Team members should be confident making decisions and taking responsibility for producing results and developing knowledge, skills and ability. We want all PAGB staff to feel they have ownership over their work and can see the role they play in helping the organisation to achieve our objectives.

Stay supported…

Everyone at PAGB receives accountability training as part of their role development.


Development and growth

At PAGB we are keen to see employees work to develop their areas of interest and expand their expertise, and, in turn, ensure we support them to do so. We seek to help team members grow within their roles and promote internally where possible. All our colleagues will be supported to create objectives for their role that contribute to the wider PAGB strategy.

Did you know?

We give our colleagues one day a year to take as an additional development day for activities outside of their roles; this could be used for learning new skills or to undertake work for a charitable cause.



We value our employees’ happiness, and we strive to create a supportive and rewarding work environment for every member of our team. We expect those joining the team to embrace this, showing respect for colleagues and acting with integrity. We work to empower self-care in the consumer healthcare industry and we do this with our colleagues as well, with trained mental health first aiders and healthcare benefits for colleagues.

Have you heard?…

We have a fun and active social committee at PAGB that support with organising great events for our colleagues throughout the year, from lunchtime walkabouts to quizzes and evening outings.

Equality, diversity and inclusion


We take our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion seriously, and are continually looking for ways we can improve. For example, in recent years we have enhanced our maternity and paternity pay, introduced a menopause policy and taken steps to make our training more accessible. We ensure that when we speak on self-care we reflect the diversity of the UK, with our annual self- care census conducted on a representative group.

All qualified applicants to roles at PAGB will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, disability, gender reassignment, gender identity or expression, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race (including colour, nationality, ethnic and national origin), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

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