Empowering people to self-care: a toolkit for Primary Care Networks

PAGB has developed a toolkit, in collaboration with leading healthcare and pharmacy organisations, to support Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to empower people to self-care.

The self-care toolkit outlines supportive guidance, shares best practice case studies and signposts to additional resources which can support healthcare professionals in primary care to facilitate and empower people to self-care.

The toolkit outlines five actions PCNs could take to realise the benefits of self-care for their local population and PCN workforce, including:

  1. Making best use of community pharmacists
  2. Adopting interoperable local health and care records
  3. Tackling health inequalities and improving health literacy
  4. Upskilling workforce on the benefits of self-care and how to facilitate it
  5. Appointing a self-care lead to coordinate self-care activity within their PCN

The toolkit can be viewed here.

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