Self-Care Manifesto: promoting self-care to support primary care recovery

Every year, at least 25 million GP appointments and 5 million A&E appointments are used for self-treatable illnesses, such as headaches, colds, allergies and indigestion. If people were empowered to self-care it could save the NHS at least £1.7bn per year in costs.

At a time when the NHS is under immense pressure it is vital that self-care is a vital component of trying to reduce these pressures and building a sustainable healthcare system for the future. When done correctly self-care can have the triple benefit of reducing demand on the NHS, reducing health inequalities among the public, and empowering people to take ownership of their own health.

Ahead of a general election PAGB are calling for any future Government to:

  1. Improve patient awareness and confidence in self-care
  2. Leveraging digital tools to better support and promote self-care
  3. Creating a supportive self-care environment, empowering community pharmacies to promote self-care.

To find out more about our calls to a future Government you can read our Self-Care Manifesto.

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