PAGB self care survey 2021 – full report

Has living with COVID-19 for longer, affected people’s initial willingness to self care?

Self care survey 2021 – report of results

In 2021, PAGB ran a UK-wide survey of more than 2,000 people asking people about their attitudes to self care and accessing health services in the 12 months to June 2021, when coronavirus-related lockdown measures were in force to varying degrees. This research is a follow up to our 2020 self care survey of over 2000 adults in the UK, which showed that people’s experience of needing to self care during the first coronavirus lockdowns had led to a shift in attitudes on where to get support for self treatable conditions.

This time, we wanted to find out how their experience over the last year had affected their views on self care. Were they more likely to choose self care? How did they feel about getting advice online? Or from a pharmacist? Were changes we saw in 2020 sustained, or was there a slip back towards relying on the GP for health advice?

The survey provides further valuable data to help demonstrate the importance of self care. The results will be of interest to those working in consumer healthcare, health policy and healthcare delivery.

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