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We offer competitive rates of £300 + VAT per hour or £1,750 + VAT per day.


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As the UK’s consumer healthcare association, PAGB is the expert in consumer healthcare regulation and advertising. We produce industry-specific guidance on OTC advertising and regulation and support companies and their suppliers in ensuring their products and campaigns are compliant.

Organisations that are not yet ready for gateway membership or full membership can use our consultancy service.

We have in-house specialists who can work with you to understand what you need and put together a proposal to help you move forward with your consumer healthcare business journey. We can provide advice on advertising and labelling of your developing branded non-prescription medicines, self-care medical devices, food supplements and registered herbal medicines and the regulatory environment in which the Industry operates.

About PAGB

PAGB, the consumer healthcare association, represents the manufacturers of branded OTC medicines, self-care medical devices and food supplements in the UK

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Full membership

PAGB full membership is for organisations who manufacture and/or market branded OTC medicines, medical devices or food supplements in the UK.

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OTC medicines

Here you will find all information relevant to OTC medicines, from codes and guidance, to training workshops.

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