PAGB membership


Representing our members within the consumer healthcare industry for 100 years

As a PAGB member, you’ll benefit from the expertise we’ve built over more than 100 years working with and for the consumer healthcare industry.

For companies that manufacture/market OTC products in the UK. Preparing companies that are seeking to reclassify a medicine, or develop a new product for entry to the UK market. For companies that operate a retail business selling branded OTC products direct to UK consumers Join us if you are a company that offers, or could offer, services to PAGB or its Full member companies

Not eligible for PAGB membership? Don’t worry we can still help you…

You may be at a stage where you are considering viable routes to market entry, exploring claims, or seeking to reclassify a product and we can certainly support you via our regulatory consultancy service. Find out more here or contact us at