PAGB response to ASA ruling on the advertising of OTC pain medicine

Published on: 1 July 2016


John Smith, PAGB Chief Executive, comments:

“At PAGB, we have a long and distinguished track record as the self-regulatory body ensuring balanced and responsible marketing of branded OTC medicines and food supplements. We were aware of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) enquiry and believe that this is an isolated case, but have been working closely with our member companies and regulatory bodies to ensure manufacturers adhere to specific advertising guidance in order to maintain the high standards of promotion across the UK self care industry.

“In the UK, some pain relief products are marketed to target specific types of pain. This is because research shows this can help people to search the shelf and choose a suitable product more easily, particularly when a pharmacist is not present.

“PAGB will be reviewing our advertising guidelines to ensure there is a balanced message so that they realise that these type of products are also suitable for other types of pain.

“As with all medicines, it’s important that people always read and follow the instructions and are careful not to take more than one product containing the same active ingredient. A pharmacist can give advice on the most suitable painkiller to take if people are unsure.”

PAGB response to ASA ruling on the advertising of OTC pain medicine