PAGB welcomes reclassification of Maloff Protect

Published on: 3 July 2017


Maloff Protect, an anti-malarial medicine has been reclassified from a POM to P medicine, following a public consultation.

The tablets will be available to buy from pharmacies for adults over age 18, weighing more than 40kg and travelling to areas where malaria is widespread. In announcing the switch, MHRA reinforced the importance of the public consultation for getting people involved in their healthcare and noted that reclassifications “help widen access to medicines for the benefit of public health when it is safe to do.”  PAGB welcomes the decision to reclassify Maloff Protect from POM to P and is encouraged by the MHRA’s stance on this issue.

John Smith, PAGB CEO comments:

“Over-the-counter availability offers people faster and easier access to effective medicines and reduces pressure and costs on GPs. Where a medicine can show it has a good safety profile and the condition it treats is suitable for self care, reclassification is very positive and should be encouraged.

“Advice on malaria prevalence is readily available to people online from the UK Government through the TravelHealthPro website and other sources. It makes sense, therefore, to enable people who are travelling to these regions to purchase their antimalarials from a pharmacy prior to their trip, rather than having to book a GP appointment, something we know can involve up to a three-week wait.”