Health and Social Care Committee publish inquiry report on Pharmacy

The Health and Social Care Committee has published its report on Pharmacy, which includes action on PAGB’s recommendations.

Yesterday, the Health and Social Care Committee published its report on Pharmacy. The committee notes that ‘Pharmacy professionals clearly want to do their very best for the people who walk into their pharmacy, and the Government has a duty to ensure they are properly supported to do so.’

The report outlines it findings and recommendations in four key areas:

  • Community Pharmacy Funding
  • Medicine shortages
  • Development of pharmacy services
  • The pharmacy workforce

The report concludes that community pharmacy has vast amounts of untapped potential and additional services could be delivered within community pharmacy settings.

PAGB submitted written evidence for the inquiry, which can be viewed here:

Within the report, it is great to see action on PAGB’s recommendations to ensure improved system-wide communication and appropriate access to medical records has been taken into consideration. Additionally, in line with our asks, the report noted that there was clear support from other stakeholders for community pharmacy to offer more services.

Community pharmacists are integral to ensuring a supportive self-care environment and we look forward to supporting the work ahead to deliver the report’s recommendations.

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