PAGB's OTC Directory


PAGB’s OTC Directory is a free online resource for GPs, pharmacists and healthcare professionals

The OTC directory is a searchable guide to consumer healthcare products available without a prescription, including over-the-counter medicines, food supplements and self care medical devices.

PAGB’s OTC Directory is used by healthcare professionals including: GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, hospital pharmacies, paramedics and other groups to learn more about what products are available over-the-counter; to look up ingredients, dosage and interactions; and to make self care recommendations for people presenting with self-treatable conditions.  It’s also a great resource for schools of pharmacy and medicine.

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More about the OTC Directory

PAGB’s OTC Directory is aimed at healthcare professionals including GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists. It is designed to help you with recommending suitable products for patients, encouraging self care for self treatable conditions and providing information on how to use products safely.

It includes:

It is free to access online at

The OTC Directory is organised into twenty therapeutic categories and a series of sub-categories. You can search by category (use the ‘category’ title to find these), product name, or ingredient. Use the filter on the left-hand side to refine your search.

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