PAGB self care survey (2020) – full report

How has COVID-19 affected the way that people understand and practise self care?

Self care survey (2020) – report of results

In 2020, PAGB conducted a survey of over 2000 adults in the UK, to find out how their experience of COVID-19 and the restrictions they were living under had affected their views on self care. Were they more likely to choose self care? How did they feel about getting advice online? or from a pharmacist?

The survey provided valuable data to help demonstrate the importance of self care. It also showed that people’s experience of needing to self care during the lockdown had led to a shift in attitudes on where to get support for self treatable conditions.

We released a small set of results for International Self Care Day, and later focused on some of the digital self care results in our digital self care audit. Now, for the first time, this download brings together the full results of the survey in one place.

The results will be of interest to those working in consumer healthcare, health policy and healthcare delivery.

survey report


2021 self care survey report is also now available. View and download here.

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