PAGB’s OTC Directory


The OTC directory is designed to give health professionals such as GPs, practice nurses and pharmacists a helpful guide to the consumer healthcare products available without a prescription, including over-the-counter medicines, food supplements and self care medical devices.

PAGB’s OTC Directory is used by healthcare professionals including: GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, hospital pharmacies, paramedics and other groups to learn more about what products are available over-the-counter; to look up ingredients, dosage and interactions; and to make self care recommendations for people presenting with self-treatable conditions.

The OTC Directory print version was last updated in Summer 2019. Copies are still available for healthcare professionals to order on request, however it should be noted that the content has not been updated since 2019.  For the most up to date product information, please visit the online site, which is regularly updated.

How to order

To order between 1 and 6 print copies,  select the required quantity below and pay by credit or debit card. Once payment has been made we will process your order.

There is no charge for the book, however we do ask you to pay the postage and packing, which is made up of the cost of delivery via Royal Mail or another provider, and a small charge for administration.

Postage & packing costs
1 x OTC Directory = £2.30
2 x OTC Directory = £3.30
3 x OTC Directory = £4.00
4-6 x OTC Directory = £6.32

Instructions for ordering 7 or more copies


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Can’t pay by card?

We can send you an invoice for larger orders. Please choose the ‘pay by invoice’ button when completing your order.

7 copies or more

It is usually more cost effective to deliver orders for 7 or more copies of the OTC directory by courier. We will contact you to check the price of delivery and arrange payment by invoice or credit/debit card before shipping your order. Your order will be dispatched once payment has been received by PAGB. Submit your request at the link below and we’ll be in touch to complete your order. Order 7 copies or more

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