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PAGB Medical Devices Consumer Code

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About this advertising code

PAGB and its members follow a system of self regulation for medical devices advertising to maintain high standards in the promotion of self care medical devices in the UK.  The PAGB Medical Devices Consumer Code applies to advertising materials aimed at consumers and people who may legitimately purchase medicines on behalf of another consumer (e.g. parents who purchase medicines on behalf of their children). The Code covers all branded promotional materials over which the company has editorial control.

This Code was published in 2019 to support self-regulation of advertising for medical devices in PAGB membership.

Broadly, a medical device is described as any instrument, apparatus, appliance, software, material or other article used alone or in combination for human beings to:

A medical device does not achieve its main intended action by pharmacological, immunological or metabolic means although it can be assisted by these.

This Code applies to all self care medical devices which are covered by PAGB membership. For medical device products to be within scope of PAGB membership they must:

It is member companies’ responsibility to ensure that all applicable legal requirements and all requirements of the relevant self-regulatory codes of practice are complied with. We recommended that all members provide their brand and marketing teams, and advertising agencies, with copies of the PAGB Medical Devices Consumer Code and nominate someone responsible for ensuring compliance.

PAGB runs regular consumer healthcare specific advertising workshops to support members and non members to understand what they need to consider when advertising OTC products and how to apply the principles of the PAGB Codes of Practice, including the Medical Devices Consumer Code, PAGB Consumer Code for Medicines and PAGB Professional Code for Medicines.

Do I need to submit copy to PAGB?

PAGB members are required to adhere to the rules of the Medical Devices Consumer Code but, unlike for OTC medicines advertising, copy submission for medical devices products is not compulsory.

Members wishing to submit copy for review can send it to the inbox. Copy is dealt with in the order it is received and is assigned a case number. We aim to return copy within two days for standard copy and five days for more complex copy and websites. Check out our Top Tips for submitting copy to help ensure a smooth process.

The copy approval service is only available to PAGB members, and to authorised associate members working with them.  Not a member of PAGB? Find out more about membership here or, if you’d like to discuss how we can support you on a consultancy basis, contact

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Regulatory Resources

Download PAGB’s Medical Devices Consumer Code

PAGB Medical Devices Consumer Code


Further PAGB guidance on medical devices advertising is available here. (PAGB members only).

PAGB’s Codes of Advertising Practice, guidelines and additional guidance for OTC medicines, self care medical devices and food supplements are available here.  Log in to the members’ area to access the full range of guidance. For more information, contact

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Published 2019

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